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About Us

Balleau Groundwater, Inc. (BGW) is a professional service firm established in 1992, providing advisory and field investigation services in the scientific specialties of hydrogeology and hydrology. Our office is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our computing facility is tailored for geospatial analysis of projects involving datasets of considerable size and mathematical modeling of hydrogeologic systems at regional and local scales.

Our scope of services includes :

  • Hydrologic information system development for general data interpretation, aerial image analysis, and graphic display of findings and recommendations

  • Mathematical modeling of groundwater, unsaturated zone water, and groundwater interaction with surface water

  • Hydrologic basin planning, aquifer yield analysis, and quantification of effects from water-use development

  • Peer review of hydrogeologic analyses and model development

  • Environmental hydrogeology and contaminant control

  • Wellfield drilling, development, aquifer testing, and management

  • Expert witness testimony

  • Applied hydrology for solving new classes of water problems

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Objectives for projects

Information systems capabilities include a full geographic information system (GIS) with capabilities in database, satellite, and photo imagery analysis. As an example, we evaluate water consumption using LANDSAT imagery combined with surface energy balance algorithm (SEBAL) quantification techniques and incorporate results into basin water budgets. The information provides foundation for analysis of water-use planning.

Modeling capabilities include data acquisition, prior information appraisal, concept development, code selection, parameter specification, calibration, sensitivity testing, and confidence estimation. We develop hydrogeologic models to analyze water budgets for basins and to evaluated how the water budget changes as water-use is developed. Results provide a method for managing and optimizing water use for municipal, industrial, and agricultural uses.

Support for well drilling and development capabilities include well specification, drilling oversight, borehole log interpretation, aquifer test specification and management, and water quality sampling. We specialize in projecting long-term yield of wellfields.

Our analyses are prepared in the form of illustrative reports with authoritative conclusions, recommendations, and opinions for client management action and expert testimony when needed. Our organization is designed to be responsive, convenient, and capable. Field and office procedures ensure that control of data and analyses produce reliable information that satisfies agreed objectives for projects.